Astronomer at heart of evolution controversy settles suit against UK – The Courier-Journal

An astronomer and the University of Kentucky have settled his federal lawsuit alleging religious discrimination over his failure to get a job for which he had been the leading candidate until his views on Christianity and science came to light.

UK agreed to pay $125,000 to Martin Gaskell in the settlement, while not admitting to any wrongdoing.

Gaskell had applied in 2007 to be the founding director of a new observatory on the Lexington campus until his writings on evolution stirred debate among UK’s science professors. He alleged he lost the job over his religious beliefs — with one search committee member describing him as “fascinating” but “potentially evangelical” — while UK asserted that it was concerned about his commitment to science.


“Hiring an astronomer who says evolution is a flawed theory would be like hiring “a biologist who believed that the sun revolved around the Earth.”      – Science Professor involved in the proceedings

I cannot help but to weigh-in here.

This “Unnamed Professor” fails to consider that any hypothesis (such as evolution) must be falsifiable for it to be considered scientific. This means that there has to be a way to disprove it via repeatable experiment, if it isn’t true. If such experiments continually fail to disprove the hypothesis, it will eventually become accepted as a scientific theory. When people stop arguing about it, it becomes a scientific law. Einstein spent years waiting for an eclipse to prove his general theory of relativity. His theory included a formula that correctly matched the variation in the perihelion of the planet Mercury, thus providing further evidence that it was true. Furthermore, as the years went by, confirmation of the redshift prediction helped to solidify his theory into law.

Ergo, the “theory of evolution” still stands as exactly that…a theory.

Interesting video:


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