Earth’s magnetic pole shift unleashing poisonous space clouds linked to mysterious bird deaths

Thought provoking and admittedly rather scary article:

Following the unexplained deaths of several thousand birds over the last two weeks, events are now emerging that may offer a physics-based explanation for the mysterious deaths. It all begins on a runway in Tampa, where airport officials recently closed that runway in order to change the numeric designators painted there. Why are those numeric designators being changed? Because the Earth’s magnetic poles are shifting and the numbers previously painted on the runway no longer match up with the magnetic measurements of sensitive airplane instruments…


and just in case you have no clue about what they are talking about:

Mystery of mass animal death epidemic deepens after 8,000 turtle doves fall dead in Italy

Thousands Of Birds Die Mysteriously In Turkey

New Years Omen? Thousands Of black birds fall from the sky in Arkansas

New mass death of birds in Sweden

Mass Louisiana bird deaths puzzle investigators.

and it’s happening to the fish?
2 million fish found dead in Maryland

Dead fish cover 20-miles of Arkansas River.

40,000 crabs join slew of animal-death mysteries.

and most people know how bumble bees and I never did get along, but I won’t kill them on purpose any more:

US sees massive drop in bumble bees: study.


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